Brammer & Associates, LLC

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

 CLNC Services:



   The following are a few of our services we provide:

-Screen medical cases to eliminate the expense of non-meritorious lawsuits.

-Review and analyze medical records, hospital policies and procedures, and other documents to interpret their relevance to your case.

-Identify and locate medical expert witnesses.

-Develop reports and chronologies to highlight the significant medical events.

-Research and apply the authoritative medical and nursing literature.

-Identify adherences to and deviations from the applicable standard of care.

-Assist with discovery by preparing interrogatories and requests for production. 

-Detect tampering with medical records. 

-Identify factors that caused or contributed to the alleged damages and/or injuries.

-Organize, tab and paginate medical records.

-Summarize, translate and interpret medical records.

-Identify and recommend potential defendants.      

-Serve as liaison between the attorney and healthcare providers, testifying experts, parties, witnesses and other consultants.

-Coordinate and attend independent medical examination (IME's)